“Slow-Cooked Indignant Frogs” Ep XVI: April 11

On this episode, we talk about exercise, time management, moods, and our surrounding people…

  1. “Hot seat”

    1. Highs:

      1. [Taking a page out of 구재석’s book] Feel good about last Tuesday’s test. Despite time constraints, my last-minute cramming paid off.

      2. 구재석:
      3. Less busy week, could do more stuff.

      4. Got personal projects going.

      5. Accomplished all goals for the week.

      6. Became an uncle

    2. Lows:

      1. Neighbors complaining about my “noise” (and living in general). They’re also complaining about my rent not being high enough.

      2. Didn’t get good sleep, been waking up late.

      3. Been good with cardio, but not with weight-lifting.

      4. Talking to a good friend, and the spark is no longer there.

      5. 구재석:
      6. Wasn’t as productive as could be.

    3. “Mastermind”

        Checking up on 구재석…
      1. Did you set up the auto-pay for your bills? Yes. Had some troubles with a new company, but it’s all sorted out.

      2. Walking 4-days/week, GOAL ACHIEVED!

      3. Check for list of expense (proper and erroneous).

      4. List of business ideas (Apr25 18).

      5. 阿江:
      6. Neighbors and my “noise”.

        • Wake up early, but afraid to be productive, because of said “noise”.

      7. Workout payload too heavy?

      8. Old friend, passion faded. Argue often now.

        • I can present complex ideas better, or probably easier to avoid it altogether.
        • Words: 討論 vs 爭論.

    4. “High-Leverage”:

      1. Will clean up and throw out unneeded furniture, and move other furniture.

      2. Will schedule time for ALL written projects.

      3. Will finish “Justice” Lectures by Michael Sandel.

      4. 구재석:
      5. Business planning.

      6. Continue walking (developing the habit).

    5. Consequences for not meeting your goals still stands… You will have to donate money to either of these campaigns:

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