“Slow-Cooked Indignant Frogs” Ep XIV

On this episode, we talk about nutrition, and exercise…

  1. “Hot seat”

    1. Highs:

      1. I cleaned up that area. There are still things on it, but it’s organized, and the object (the couch) can be used as it’s supposed to be used: as a couch.

        • Kept other areas previously cleaned back in line.

      2. I got the transition music in for the slides.

      3. My aunt visited my family, and fed us.

      4. I saw a nutritionist on Friday, and she said I brightened up her day.

        1. Got my weight measured.
        2. Got some good info (plate diagram).

    2. Lows:

      1. Still other areas I haven’t gotten to.

      2. Still haven’t bought another audioboard that allows people to hear this transition music.

      3. I over-ate, because whenever my aunt would ask why I stopped eating, I couldn’t hurt her feelings.

      4. The nutritionist already has a boyfriend -_-,.

        1. I possibly gained weight with all my eating as a result of my aunt’s visit. Or… Possibly as a result of maybe under-eating my calories.
        2. Still had some questions unanswered.

      5. I ate quite a bit. Did not keep my calorie count on line.

      6. Didn’t work on my book and business plans for the week.

    3. “Mastermind”

      1. The nutritionist I saw asked if I wanted a follow-up meeting, and I said no. I should have said “yes”, because maybe by then, she’ll break up with the guy. But more importantly, I still have unanswered questions:

        1. On days of cardio, could I still eat below number of calories I burn? If so, by how much? Is there a specific amount or percentage I can burn before my body goes into “starvation mode” where it stores fat, and eats away muscle?
        2. One thing I didn’t think to ask was optimizing nutrition for the type of exercise.
          1. So on my days I’m doing 2-4 hours of cardio, should I intake more carbohydrates?
          2. On the days where I lift weights, should I be eating more protein?
          3. What are the best resources for both?

      2. While I have an idea, I can’t be sure, and need an expert’s confirmation to be sure. So, the reason why I couldn’t get those questions answered was because:

        1. When I came in, she asked “So how can I help you? What do you need from me?” So, the ball was in my court to make it clear to her, what I needed, and the reason she started with that question, aside from being a customer-service standard phrase, is she’s also used to seeing people who were referred to her, and who she needs to lecture, where they never listen. So I come in there wanting to know and confirm things, which throws her off axis.
        2. I was expecting her to just sort of give me a mini-lecture on nutrition, and answer my questions. Like, I understood the concept of eating less and exercising more, but don’t over-do it. I understand that 1600 calories for a male, is what’s needed to sustain life, and that’s best if you don’t exercise at all. So how much should I be eating if I am exercising on those days that I am, and how much should I restrict on days that I’m not? Because using apps like My Fitness Pal, only give you one number to shoot for based on your activity level you gave them, but that changes, and you can’t customize, unless you pay for the app.
          So basically, I had to go out on my own, and find those measurements and calculators for myself.

      3. But the main point of this, is that it’s part of a larger issue I’m trying to get a grasp on human dynamics. The reason why I didn’t get the answer to my questions, was that I wasn’t setting up the problem, and asking the question in a proper manner for her to answer me.

      4. Now this isn’t to say that the visit was bad, it was definitely good. I had some other questions prepared, and even had some friends give me their questions, to see what could be answered:

        1. Food preservation methods: Depends on the food, it lasts in different times, she had no definitive answer, but basically when storing vegetables, if it’s wet, don’t eat it.
        2. Nutrition and hair: Are there foods that help promote hair growth, or prevent hair loss? No. It all depends on your genes.
        3. I let her know I’d be taking a nutrition class next year, and asked for tips. She said, there’s a bit of everything:
          • Carbohydrates
          • Proteins
          • Vitamins
          • Minerals
          • Water

        4. It was interesting how she left out “fats” as something essential, because, there is some support for bacon and certain fatty foods that help out with heart issues.
          טבעון (Tivon)’s questions included:

        5. Brown sugar vs regular sugar. Any health benefits?
          No, sugar is sugar. Even if Brown sugar is unprocessed, it’s still sugar.
        6. Greek Yogurt vs regular:

          Greek yogurt is processed in a way that leaves it with more protein, and naturally has less sugar than most yogurts sold in the US. If you want to add Greek yogurt to your diet, you can add fruits to sweeten it while increasing your intake of healthy fruits.
        7. 篋神 (“Gibson”) wanted a meal plan…

        8. Nutritionists don’t tend to steer people towards meal plans, because a lot of them are impractical and hard to follow. It’s better to use the “plate method”

        9. http://mindoverfork.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Fuel-Plate-2.0.pdf

    4. “High-Leverage”:

      1. Look for audio for transitions (within a week).

      2. Cleaning couch (within week).

      3. Otherwise… “Will put off until watching these.”

    5. “Resources”:

      • For more health issues, you can check out ChooseMyPlate, a Michelle Obama initiative.

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