“Slow-Cooked Indignant Frogs” Ep XIII

On this episode, we talk about .

  1. “Hot seat”

    1. Highs:

        구재석 & 阿江:
      1. Kept place clean.

      2. Exclusively 阿江:
      3. Despite not setting a specific area to clean and a high leverage, I did choose a section to clean.

      4. Finished initial draft of business plan.

    2. Lows:

        구재석 & 阿江:
      1. Felt very lazy.

      2. Easily distracted.

      3. Didn’t want to do the things I should have done.

      4. I ate quite a bit. Did not keep my calorie count in line.
      5. Exclusively 阿江:

      6. Did not add audio to slides.

  2. “Mastermind”

    1. Setting up budget, and paying off debts via credit cards. (Cutting down unnecessary expenses).

    2. 阿江:
    3. Despite being in a “trough”, I think it was much-needed rest. Not much to tweak there.

  3. “High-Leverage”:

    1. A month to check on things to cut down.

    2. In 3 weeks, 3 business ideas.

    3. Otherwise… “Unregister all streaming devices.”

    4. 阿江:
    5. Look for audio for transitions (within a week).

    6. Cleaning couch (within week).

    7. Otherwise… “Will put off until watching these.”

  4. “Resources”:

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