“Slow-Cooked Indignant Frogs” Ep XII

On this episode, we talk about .

  1. “Hot seat”

    1. Highs:

      1. Broke tasks down into lists.

      2. Made some slight mods to the transitions, so you see know what section we are in.

    2. Lows:

      1. Massive rescheduling with podcast last-minute. Things were not prepared in advance.

  2. “Mastermind”

    1. Breaking down lists into tasks helped me identify the problem areas first. Allowing me to further break down the larger task of cleaning the room to smaller bite-sized tasks with a sequence that was easier to handle and manage.

    2. Should have taken more time to prepare, and figure out time zones. It’s only a 2-hour difference, stop mixing them up.

  3. “High-Leverage”:

    1. Same cleaning issue, moving to next area in the house.

    2. Add music to transitions. Helps better identify transitions better.

    3. Where, and what to do for the weekend.

  4. “Resources”:

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